Details of previous and new campus


Inspection of land earmarked for transfer/leasing by the Sponsoring Authority in favour of KVS for construction of school building and staff quarters etc.




Name of Kendriya Vidyalaya

Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Ordnance Factory Itarsi (M.P.) 461122

Sponsoring authority address & Telephone

General Manager,

Ordnance Factory Itarsi

(07572)- 262521, 262535

Date of inspection of proposed


Authority vide which inspection was carried out  (Ref. No. & date)

KVS letter No. 7-188/88-dsfola@¼Hkwfe½oDlZ-II fnukad 12-03-1993

Legal title holder of the proposed


Area of land identified for transfer to KV (in acres) (if more than one piece, indicate separately)

15 Acres

Location of land village/Dist./Khasra No.  (please attach survey plan showing area of land and boundaries)

O.F.Estate, Itarsi


Mode of transfer of proposed land :

 Lease basis/permanent grant basis

Lease basis

Distance between the present KV & identified land

200 mtrs

Approach road to land and its condition


Distance from the main city/town/habitable area and availability of public transport

13 k.m.

Whether plot is in forest area full or part of  trees/ bushes etc. (mention clearly instead of yes or no)


Terrain of the land (plain, undulated, sloppy, hilly  etc. up to what extent)


Whether the plot is low lying requiring filling and  if so what extent


Whether the plot remain submerged in water causing marshy conditions and if so what extent


Whether any nallah is passing through the land (If so, details may be given)

One small nallah passes through one side of the plot

Whether HT/LT, electric lines/ poles are passing through the land (if so details may be given)


Whether electric supply is available in the vicinity with approx. distance

At a distance 200 mtrs. approx

Availability of drinking water supply and sewage disposal line of the municipality/Cantt./ Board/ MES etc. in the vicinity

Drinking water supply from Ordnance Factory

Status of availability of ground water in the proposed plot

Ground water available

Requirement of tube well to be installed by KVS


Whether any encroachments noticed on land


Whether any structures standing on the land, if so, its type, age, usefulness to KV with copy of line plan of accommodation available


Whether the sponsoring authority prepared to demolish outlived/ dilapidated structures before transfer of land at  heir own cost (obtain written commitment)


Any other relevant information in support/ rejection of land




(Strike off matter which is not applicable)


i)          The plot of land is found suitable by the committee for construction of school building, staff quarters, sports facilities etc., hence recommended for acceptance (please see the notes on page (3) carefully before recommending suitability)



ii)          The site is not found suitable in view of the following drawbacks, hence not recommended:







iii)         The site can be made suitable subject to following which are to be carried out by the sponsoring authority at their own resources for which sponsoring authority has agreed in writing, hence recommended for acceptance









S.No.    Name of Officer & Designation            Address & Contact Number                  Signature


1.         Mrs. T.Annapurna, Principal                    K.V.No.1, O.F.Itarsi (07572)-262561


2.         Mr. R.Jayaraman G.M.               O.F.Itarsi (07572)- 262521, 262535







As per standing instruction of KVS, the plot of land identified/offered by the sponsoring authority should be inspected by a committee of officials including Assistant Commissioner, KVS, concerned Region, representative of CPWD/MES and Chairman, VMC and Principal, KV


Plot of land with standing trees should not be recommended as obtaining permission for cutting of trees by sponsoring authorities will consume considerable time


If the plot of land is considerably low lying, earth filling should be done by the sponsoring authority, before accepting the plot. Clear written commitment should be obtained in this regard


Nallah and electric wires, if any, passing through the plot of land should be got diverted by sponsoring authority before accepting the land. Clear written commitment should be obtained in this regard


Plot of land should be free from encroachment, unauthorized buildings /jhuggi-jhopris constructed, disputes, litigations and court cases


Before recommending suitability of land clear written commitment from concerned authorities through sponsoring authority should be obtained in respect of provision of pucca approach road to the plot of land under consideration to existing pucca/ main road for free movement of vehicles and also provision of drinking water point and electric power supply point upto the boundary of plot of land under consideration at reasonable rates . The supply of water and electricity should be adequate for present demand of KV and staff quarters and concerned authorities should agree to augment supply in case of future expansion of school building, construction of additional staff quarters and any other physical facilities.